Forget Tinder, drink tea!

Forget Tinder, drink tea!

Very honestly, as a former translator - copywriter, I am not really in favor of the catchy headlines that you know in advance that the content will disappoint you. But very occasionally there is one that really catches the eye and the content of which is quite remarkable. According to the Irish news site The Irish Post , tea drinkers, or people who can make a decent cup of tea, turn out to be more attractive. Now that's interesting ...

The statement is: " A GOOD (read: well-made) cup of tea can make or break a relationship ". We agree that making a good cup of tea requires love for the product and a moment's attention. It is ideal as a moment for yourself, or just to share. I tell everything about that in my book But First, Tea . You cannot rush a cup of tea without turning it into a stress cup, or having to add sugar. Serving the perfect cup of tea for someone can make his or her day all the better . And not only the Irish Post and we agree ...

Plenty of Fish , an international dating app, conducted a survey of 2,500 Irish singles, to form a picture of the link between the popular drink, online dating and relationships. According to their research is more than 1/5 the of the singles important that can put the (future) partner good tea. Moreover, 69% of the participants felt it was important to know how his or her partner drinks the tea, and whether it includes sugar or milk.

Getting a "bad" cup of tea was also seen in the research as a true turnoff, on which a next date could become a no-go. 37% thought tea that was too weak had enough reason to do so, 17% got rid of too much sugar and 13% sent you away with over-infused tea. 10% said that milk in the tea is a no-go ...

That said, and your (future) partner is a tea drinker? Then you know what you have to do to prevent a broken heart ... Put yourself a delicious cup of quality tea, of course from Thee with a Story , and fine tune your tea-making skills ;-)

What is your favorite tea and how did you like it?


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