Kahwa Kashmiri, soon your favorite tea?

Kahwa Kashmiri, soon your favorite tea?

What could be better than starting the day with a delicious cup of green tea? Refreshing, gives you an energy boost, in short - everything you need to start the day. 

Yet (green) tea is so much more than a boost in the afternoon or a boost in the morning, many tea mixes and herbal mixes have been created for health-supporting purposes. India has countless Ayurvedic tea mixes. One of them is the Kahwa, also known as the Kashmiri tea. 

This blend of green tea and various herbs can make life a lot more comfortable if you have a cold or are in a very stressful period. 

This mix includes saffron, it gives an extra warming glow to your drink and drags us through barely cold winters. In addition to saffron and green tea leaves, the Kahwa tea also contains ginger, cinnamon cardamom, cloves and nuts, very often almonds - as is the case in our mix. If you like it, you can also add cherries, apple pieces, grapes, or other nuts. Traditionally this tea is prepared in a samovar (mainly known from Russian culture to make tea). 

The ingredients of our version are: Green tea, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, almond nuts , saffron.

Besides the fact that it is just a nice drink, what can Kahwa tea mean to us? 

1. Supports digestion and is powerful in the fight against stress
Heavily tabled? Do you suffer from constipation? A cup of Kahwa tea can help you as part of a healthy diet. 

Start your day with it, and give your metabolism a boost. Stress chicken (just like our tea sommelier Jess, by the way ;-))? Because of the rich amount of anti-oxidants and the L-Theanine in the green tea, this tea blend also relaxes you. And inserting a tea moment at a stressful moment can also help you to see everything more positively. 

2. Contributes to the strengthening of your immune system
We all know that green tea contains lots of antioxidants and that ginger also does its thing in the fight against the bacteria, but saffron is also a very good source of vitamin B12, which helps to optimize the immune system of our body to work. An anti-oxidant bomb so and another reason why it is the ideal autumn-winter tea. Yes, yes ... Winter is coming ... Do you feel a cold coming up or are you not completely in your own skin? This hot drink, with a strong dash of honey, can help you. The different ingredients will boost you and give you a feeling of comfort. 

3. Be your radiant self and give your energy a boost!
Anti-oxidants, you also say radiant skin. They help to keep the skin young and vital and reduce the risk of acne bumps.

The almonds that are used in the tea also ensure a natural glow from within. Ideal to compete with the harsh winter skins, it doesn't help… 

Need a boost? Kahwa to the rescue! Whether you drink this tea in the morning or right after lunch, this tea provides an instant boost, not only from your focus, but also from the soul. 

Preparation method: 
Take 1 very well-filled coffee spoon of kahwa tea for 1 mug of tea. Pour the tea with water at 80 ° C and let it infuse for 2 to 3 minutes. If the tea has cooled a little, you can add honey if you wish, according to your taste. 


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