Ready for the festive season, with ... adapted tea

Ready for the festive season, with ... adapted tea

Festival will be in just over a month. Our afternoon tea salon is already in the mood and we are already busy preparing the festive season here at home. Who makes what, when? This year, just like last year, I am committed to provide customized tea at my mum's home menu on Festival  Eve. We consciously drink little or no alcohol. And now let Thee be the new Wine! Not just any tea suits every dish, it is comparable to wine. If we keep it very simplistic, you can say that you can replace white wine with green tea, and red wine with black tea. However, as every good wine sommelier will agree, there is a bit more thinking to adapt. But let us help you. In this blog post a guide about which tea goes with common party dishes. Even nicer, you can find them all at Thee with a Story! Also vary with iced tea and hot tea during the menu and blow your guests off their socks.

Do you have a similar tea at home? For example, a Chinese green tea from last year instead of this year, or from another plantation? These will certainly work. And if you are looking for a tea that really fits almost everything: A Darjeeling Muscatel. Is not called the Beaujolais of the tea for nothing. Make a delicious tea cocktail to start the evening with, or drink it as a digestif. It's all possible just like that.

But first some starters:

A classic at Festival  is turkey. Can be combined with a lot. Think of a heavily oxidized Oolong, such as our Da Hong Pao, a delicious English Breakfast , to get both in  loose tea , and in our brand new sets , but also our All you need is love . The latter is a forest fruit blend of cranberries and elderberries, also delicious with game. If you want to think completely out of the box, go for the sweet sister of the Rooibos: Honeybush .

We will stay with the poultry for a while. Full, savory teas go well with chicken. Think of our Jasmine pearls , but also our Festival  tea , Earl Gray   or Lapsang Souchong .

Quiche and egg dishes
Eggs have a very specific taste and also require a strong taste of tea. Yet a delicious quiche is indispensable from the festive table or a festive afternoon tea (which you can also simply pick up at Festival  (evening) / New Year's Eve / New Year. Click here for more info). What do we serve? Our Irish Breakfast : a hearty tea with a soft heart.

Meat dishes
A good piece of roast beef or roast will continue to do well during the holidays. With meat we often serve red wine, and therefore also black tea. Earl Gray or English breakfast , or with a piece of roast a Chinese Golden Yunnan. A solid green tea like the  Dragon Well from Or Tea?  certainly can.

Lamb on the menu? Go crazy and go for a mint tea with this dish. Guaranteed success!

Fish and seafood
White wine often goes well with fish, so here we will look more at the light oolongs or the green tea. With a Tie Kuan Yin you always win. Moreover, you can then bring out Jess's story where she tells about her dark dragon. Also recommended is the Indian Sencha, exclusively in our range.

Prefer a fruit infusion? Then go for our Summer Breeze (mango pomegranate), our Pina Colada or our For Ladies Only (fig-basil). The latter can, served in a nice wine glass, still go perfectly for a rosé wine!

With this you can go further for the main courses, but what about the other courses?

Aperitif snacks
With apariteif snacks, I like to serve a white tea. Try the Mangostar from my book But First Tea. An ideal entry. But also a Japanese Gyokuro iced tea, ice cold, is an absolute must.

Save the best for last! Are you already well filled for dessert, then drink a bag of Puehr tea (for example: our Puehr Leaf ball) and that dessert can certainly be added.

Are we going for a chocolate brownie or a chocolate moeilleux? Then the lapsang souchong is a good idea. Rather for classics such as crème brulée or cheesecake? Then we can use our Chillax (cinnamon mint), rooibos, Ginger & Love (rooibos, ginger, lemongrass) or Jasmine pearls .

Do you prefer a Festival  stump of crème au beurre? Then choose a good, old Earl Gray !

Let the holidays come!
Ps: We usually don't drink anything with soup. But if you really want to serve a tea with that, then a delicious genmaicha is always a good idea. Heart warming, and complementary with a bowl of soup.


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