RECIPE: London Fog à la Jess

RECIPE: London Fog à la Jess

A modern, contemporary drink is a Latte. Usually with a strong espresso or the matcha variant. Perhaps less well-known with us, but a topper abroad is the London Fog, also called the Vanilla Tea Latte or a Vancouver Fog. It is a Latte, but this time not with an espresso, but with an Earl Gray as a seasoning. Traditionally, vanilla is also added. As an Earl Gray enthusiast, I couldn't help but fine-tune this, with a personal twist. I would like to share the recipe with you. 

The drink has its origin in Vancouver Canada, but it is not known exactly how and why it originated. There are several claims, such as a pregnant lady who was looking for a worthy alternative to a coffee or a student competition. Starbucks has made several variations. In any case, the drink does not look great, it is also delicious. 

Before sharing the recipe, I would first like to elaborate on the concept of latte. For those who don't know what a latte is: A cup of steamed milk, flavored, often with coffee or tea. For the perfect taste, whole milk is often used, but this can also be made perfectly with a vegetable variety. 

For a London fog, vanilla syrup is added to the latte, in this case with Earl Gray. Because vanilla is currently scarce, I prefer not to use sugar and I also wanted something different, so I chose to use a Latte spice blend from Mill & Mortar. I specifically chose the Turmeric Latte Spices.

What do you need to make 4 mugs of the London Fog à la Jess:
  • 1 tbsp Premium Earl Gray (Order it here ) 
  • 200 ml boiled water 
  • 600 ml whole milk 
  • 1 tsp and 4 pinches Mill & Mortar Turmeric Latte Spices (order here )

How do you prepare it? 
  • Put the strong Earl Gray (pour the tea with boiled water at 90 ° C and let it infuse for three to four minutes; 
  • Steam the milk and divide over the four mugs 
  • Add 1 tl Turmeric Latte Spices to the strong tea and stir good 
  • Divide the strong Earl Gray over the 4 mugs of steamed milk by pouring 50ml under the milk foam 
  • Finish with a pinch of Turmeric Latte Spices on the milk foam 
  • If desired, add some honey
Serve with a delicious piece of artisan speculaas

RECIPE: London Fog à la Jess

Can it also be healthier or plant-based? Of course, you can perfectly make this into a vegan version by using soy milk, unsweetened almond milk or another vegetable milk. I don't sweeten my London Fog, but possibly a hint of honey can make it a little sweeter. 

Be sure to try this with a rooibos Earl Gray (for a decaffeinated version), or another strong tea of ​​your choice. 


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