The wellbeing trend of 2019, also in the workplace: Tea!

The wellbeing trend of 2019, also in the workplace: Tea!

Good coffee has been invested in the workplace for some time. Hip coffee machines, with beans of course, lattes of all types. It is all available in many coffee corners of a company. It is high time that the wellbeing trend of 2019, which can give us both a boost, focus and tranquility, also deserves its place in the workplace: high-quality tea! That is why tea evangelista Jessica Van Humbeeck, known for her television program and the Belgian tea brand Tea with a Story, and writer of But First, launches Tea: Tea @ Work. Tea @ Work not only brings quality tea to the workplace, through workshops Jessica also wipes away all prejudices about tea. 

89% of the people who work for a company that focuses on well-being at work, will also identify the company as a pleasant workplace. Well-being at work is more than just sufficient training, correct cooperation or an eye for the mental resilience of employees. It is also what is drunk. Coffee is good, but not too much, nice water ... but what is often overlooked is: tea. 

The beneficial drink, which, wrongly, is portrayed as "oldies" or when you are sick, is on the rise. The homemade iced tea is indispensable from our summer terrace, and in the winter we already opt for a delicious chai latte. Tea is so much more than the most drunk drink in the world after water. It is indispensable, just like that cup of coffee, in the workplace. And this tea sommelier has completely understood: The English put it nicely: Tea solves everything . Do you need a boost? Tea can help you. Need some extra focus? The antioxidants in tea do that too. That awkward customer you just had on the phone? You rinse it with a cup of tea ...

When questioning employees in Flanders, more than half indicated that they would like to drink more tea, but that the supply at work often leaves something to be desired. They mainly want tea that gives them a boost or focus, or just that little bit of rest, when the stress picks up. In the same survey, it also emerged that 75% of the people surveyed did not dare to offer tea to their visitors at work, because only so-called "supermarket bags" were available. Of the respondents, who were already tea drinkers, 80% indicated to take their own tea to work. 

Has coffee been taken off? 
Of course not! There is nothing at all wrong with a cup of coffee to start your day. But as with everything, too much is not good either. Ideally, you only drink 2 bags of coffee a day, and opt for the rest for alternatives, of which tea is certainly a good one. Moreover, variety in what you drink during the day is definitely recommended. You activate your taste buds and you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Need that boost in the afternoon? Choose that for a green tea, or for an Earl Gray. These also contain caffeine and give you a long-lasting boost and focus, but without the coffee dip. There is an extra substance in tea, L-Theanine, that offers a counterweight to the negative sides of caffeine. 

Sorry, but tea at work, that's hassle ... 
Perhaps one of the most frequently heard excuses for not drinking tea. Even if you opt for pure, quality tea, it is certainly not a hassle to drink tea at work. You can perfectly make your own disposable tea bags from loose tea. And that is no extra burden on the environment, because you can opt for biodegradable bags. 

But there are also tea brands, such as we at Thee met een Verhaal, a Belgian tea brand, that also had our pure quality tea and infusions built into little pieces. Perfectly pre-dosed, and you literally taste the difference. These cases are supplied in handy tea pewter, which we refill. The refill package is also biodegradable. Our Start Tea @ Work concept also includes a workshop, so that we can offer a total package. This concept fits perfectly with the well-being at work story. Tea-drinking employees feel heard, and non-tea-drinking employees step out of their comfort zone and discover the power of the combination of tea-coffee-homemade iced tea - and infused water.

Tea ... isn't that bitter? Is that nice? 
If you don't treat tea with love (read: put it right), it can indeed give a bitter or bitter aftertaste. However, it takes less time to make tea than to get a freshly ground coffee in the coffee corner. A few small things in mind, which also mean a moment of peace while making tea, and you have the perfect cup and you can take it again. Not difficult at all, more so, one of the most frequently heard comments after the tastings of Thee with a Story is: 

 "We didn't know that drinking tea was so tasty & easy!"  

Of course you have to find the taste that suits you. "There is tea for everyone," laughs Jessica, "There is plenty of choice, because tea, fruit and herbal infusions have a more extensive palette of flavors than wine." Are you not a tea drinker? Have you ever tried a homemade iced tea that you spend literally 2 minutes on? And then I am not talking about the heavily sweetened variants that you find in the supermarket, but: homemade, with real tea leaves, herbs and / or fruit! Want to bet that you are tacking? Give it a try! 

Tea is on the rise and has, for several years in a row, been indicated as a trend in the beverage sector and that continues to rise. The demand for quality tea is therefore constantly increasing. The trend is also increasing at work. At a company in Flemish Brabant, with a hundred employees, tea consumption has increased exponentially since the Start Tea @ Work tasting by Tea with a Story. The management also notices that more people work quietly behind their computers and that the group spirit has received a positive boost. 

Tea @ Work is a concept elaborated by tea expert Jessica Van Humbeeck, inspirer of Thee with a Story and author of "But First, Tea." Jessica was recently named Promising Entrepreneur of Flemish Brabant 2018 by Markant, Unizo and Vlaio. She evangelises tea on EclipsTV, among other things, and has also been heard on MNM, JOE, Radio2, Van Gils & Gasten and in many other media with the aim of making people enjoy a pure and honest cup of tea, without synthetic additives. 

More info: www.teaatwork.eu and www.theemeteen story.eu 


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