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" I don't sell tea, but I sell tea-time moments ," I often say when people ask me what exactly I am doing or when the question arises how you can turn tea into a business. Pleasant, I am Andre Ramalho and I am a tea fans. I like to tell the stories of the tea.

As a young man in his thirties and full-blooded entrepreneur, I have come a long way from being a business translator / interpreter to a herbalist and tea sommelier, with my own tea brand: Tea with a Story. Meanwhile, you will find our stores and resale points in various stores throughout Flanders. Tea is my passion, but also my support and support in difficult moments, yes, just as tea is for the English. When I was having a hard time with my health and finding my way, "tea" was there, bringing myself and my life back into balance. Tea not only brings peace, it also connects people. So much more than the, except for water, most drunk drink! My love for tea started after an initial education by, among others, the well-known British tea specialist Jane Pettigrew, But the real spark skipped during the tea sommelier training with tea mistress Mei Lan Hsiao. Thanks to her, I am officially initiated into the wonderful world of Chinese Tea Arts and I am proud to call myself a certified tea sommelier. In London I learned the tricks of the trade to provide an authentic British afternoon tea. No High Tea, but a real afternoon tea. With scones, clotted cream, finger sandwiches ... and we translated that into our Tea with a Story concept, including the etiquette that goes with it.

Tea with a Story ...

Green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea, Oolong tea, dark tea, Matcha, fruit infusions, herbal infusions, children's tea ... tea comes in a range of scents and colors, from soft to intense flavors, from healing to powerful properties ... every tea has a story. The absolute constant in my project 'Tea with a Story' is the focus on pure and high-quality tea. I am in close contact with tea farmers from India, Japan and China where I purchase my tea directly. Through a professional 'cupping' I select the best tea samples and I make my choice very patiently and carefully.

To the moon and back, Me-Time & Love Yourself…

I love to experiment and make tea mixes and infusions myself. "To the Moon and Back" for example, I made for a special person, but I made the me-time for myself when I really needed it. With every own creation comes a fitting story and I want to share this story as much as possible.

But First, Tea!

In August 2018 I released my "But First, Tea" tea book. With this book I want you to discover the story of the tea even more, by sharing the stories, but also simple recipes that everyone can do. This way you can easily create a moment of tea time with yourself, or share this moment with others. Reserve your copy now through our webshop.

On Christmas Eve 2018 my program "Tea with a Story" came on EclipsTV for the first time to take you further into the tea experience.

Can I take you on a tea trip through the Tea Stories?


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